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Nature of Resistance: A Brief Assessment over the Capacity of post-Structural Society*

[Photograph by Haluk Sargın:

[Photograph by Haluk Sargın: “The Nature of Alanya, 2015”]

In the face of recent literary mode it may well be suggested that there occurs conceptual fractures in how environmental historians and critical theorists conceive such important meta-discourses as to inquire social agents’ relation to nature. Stretching their theory into unmediated particularities of natural environments, historians are attempting rather deductive and reductionist discourses with limited if any emphasis on social questions. Most social theorists, on the other hand, are deeply skeptical about post-structural rhetoric with respect to nature and the present social order for they believe that the collapse of the whole eco-system is predestined under the consequences of late-capitalist turmoil. However in the end, they all struggle for a particular kind of explanation that would recognize the full richness of both environmental history and critical theory, hoping that such coexistence would enable them to understand the complex spheres of nature and society and thus reverse the underlying environmental disturbance.

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*This is a revised article published in Nature as Space: (re)Understanding Nature and Natural Environments, (Edt) Güven Arif Sargın, METU Faculty of Architecture Press: Ankara, 2003


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